Pet Memorials Keepsake Bookmarks


Remember your furry family member with pet memorials keepsake bookmarks.


Our Pets are Family Members

There is a trend today of planning pet memorial services after the death of a beloved pet. The service is often beneficial to children and adults alike, as they’ve often lived and played with the animal for years.

As such, our pets often become such a close and meaningful part of the family that a pet memorial service can be just as important as a funeral or memorial service for a human family member or close friend.

Planning a Service for a Deceased Pet

There are a couple of ways you can plan pet memorial services and just as with any memorial service, it may depend on your budget and your ability to make it through the planning part.

If you’re thinking you may have a difficult time planning a service yourself, you can either contact a pet funeral home to handle the preparations, or you can simply have a private service or ceremony for your pet and ask family or friends to help with the details.

Cremation or Preservation?

If you’re having your pet cremated, you will need to contact a pet crematorium or a pet funeral home to handle those arrangements. If you’re simply going to bury your pet on the grounds of your residence, you should be able to just handle that yourself, or have a family member take care of arranging the final resting place for you.

There is also the option, although it may be quite costly for some people, to have the pet preserved by a professional taxidermist who specializes just in pet preservation.

This isn’t like the taxidermy done on wild game like you’d see done with deer or bear. There is a special process that’s required immediately after the death of the pet in order for the preservation process to be done effectively.

While some people may not feel comfortable having their pet visible, looking as though it’s just sleeping, many choose this option as a way to stay close to their pet after its passing.

If this option is chosen, pet memorial services can still be conducted either prior to the pet going to the taxidermist, or after.

Choosing a Pet Funeral Home

Pet funeral homes are becoming more popular today as more pet owners decide to have memorial services for their pets and arranging for their final resting places.

As with human funeral homes, arrangements for pet memorial services that can be handled for you might include:

  • Arranging for the pet’s cremation or burial
  • Picking the pet up from its home or vet
  • Providing a place to hold a memorial service
  • Preparing the pet for a viewing or visitation prior to burial
  • Additional supplies such as pet caskets or cremation urns

There are some pet funeral homes where the owners and staff are knowledgeable grief counseling and support and can offer direction for additional resources after the burial or pet memorial services.

This may be especially helpful for children or in the case of a pet being more than just a pet, as in the case of a disabled person needing to rely on the pet for some daily tasks.

Plan Your Own Service

Because the concept and business of pet funeral homes is still so new, there may not be one where you live and you may need to plan your own memorial service instead.

If this is the case, here are some ideas to help your or a family member take care of the arrangements.

  • Decide if the pet is going to be cremated or buried
  • Purchase the pet casket or cremation urn
  • Decide on a day and time for the pet memorial service
  • The location of the service can be indoors or outside, depending on the time of year and the weather
  • Set up the viewing area with a table to set the casket or urn on, some photos of the pet and its favorite toys
  • Have pet memorials keepsake bookmarks at the viewing or service area for friends and family to take with them

Once the area is set up for the memorial, your family and friends can either stand or sit and read some special poems or verses, offer some fun stories or experiences they had with the pet.

Remember, pets are so often a big part of the family, so it is normal to grieve when they’ve passed on. And having a service often allows people the opportunity to grieve and remember the fun they had with their pets and a final opportunity to celebrate the pet’s life.



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